18-3 Spider Placer – Equipment Rental

The 18-3 is a cost-effective and low-impact alternative to tower-mounted placer booms. Unlike its large-scale cousins, the compact 18-3 spider offers versatility and low jobsite impact with the same productivity. 

Vertical Reach20.5 m67′
Horizontal Reach18 m59′
Unfolding Height11 m38′
Delivery Line125 mm5″
Outrigger Spread Front4.1 m13′ 6″
Outrigger Spread Rear4.1 m13′ 6″
Machine Weight4,450 kg9,780 lbs
Counterweight2,700 kg5,950 lbs.
Total Weight7,150 kg15,730 lbs.

Pump specifications may vary. Pumps modified to meet Missouri codes. Rental concrete pump fleet based in St. Louis, Missouri. For more information or to request a pump rental, please contact John Tinnin at +1 314-223-4997 or [email protected].