46M KCP – Concrete Pump Rental

46M KCP – Josie

This 46m KCP concrete pump features a six-section boom with a vertical reach of 148’8” (45.3 m), a horizontal reach of 135’3” (41.2 m), and a 124’9″ (38.0 m) reach from the front of the truck. Front outriggers spread 24’4″ (7.4m) and rear outriggers spread 31’3″ (9.5m) to provide ample stability. The hydraulic pump has a maximum output of 222 cubic yards per hour and a maximum pressure of 1377 psi.

Pump specifications may vary. Pumps modified to meet Missouri codes. Rental concrete pump fleet based in St. Louis, Missouri. For more information or to request a pump rental, please contact Garry Bals at +1 314-267-6850 or balsg@concretestrategies.com.