60M KCP – Concrete Pump Rental

60M KCP – Cesare

This 60m KCP concrete pump has a boom that boasts an impressive vertical reach of 190’8” (58.1 m) and a horizontal reach of 176’11” (53.9 m). The boom reaches 165’5″ (50.4 m) from the front of the truck and has an unfolding height of 42’8″ (13 m). The front and rear outriggers spread to 33’10” (10.3 m) and 40’9″ (12.4 m) to provide unwavering stability for the farthest reach.
The hydraulic pump has a maximum output of 222 cubic yards of concrete per hour with a maximum pressure of 1377 psi.

Pump specifications may vary. Pumps modified to meet Missouri codes. Rental concrete pump fleet based in St. Louis, Missouri. For more information or to request a pump rental, please contact Garry Bals at +1 314-267-6850 or balsg@concretestrategies.com.