Caterpillar Hydraulic Excavation Plant

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Concrete Strategies constructed the tilt-up panels, foundations, flatwork and site utilities for this 900,000-square-foot hydraulic excavation plant.

The facility provides sub-assembly, assembly, painting and final inspections of various models of hydraulic excavators and features a single-story tilt-up concrete wall system. The plant has space for 500 workers.

Located south of Houston, the facility was constructed using a cast-on-site, tilt-up concrete wall system and conventional steel frame. The facility provides Sub-Assembly, Assembly, Painting and Final Inspections of various models of hydraulic excavators.

Parts and assemblies are transported by 73 overhead bridge cranes, ranging from 1-ton to 35-tons, and line conveyors housed in deep concrete pits. A 20 MVA substation provides power for manufacturing operations, and facility cooling is provided by a central chilled water plant. Occupancy was achieved in nine months following ground break.




Victoria, Texas


900,000 SF