Hydro-Demolition Services

Concrete Strategies fleet of Hydrodemolition equipment is used to self-perform Hydrodemolition services including full and partial depth topside / overhead / vertical concrete demolition, Hydroscarification of concrete for surface profiling and removal of concrete coatings. Hydrodemolition and Hydroscarification is a preferred method to perform concrete repairs because the use of high pressure water at the control of robotic controlled nozzles for concrete demolition is less intrusive to existing concrete structures and is more productive than performing selective concrete demolition using jackhammers. Hydrodemolition equipment will ultimately reduce the amount of labor required on the job site and with the vast increase in daily concrete demolition production by comparison to concrete demolition completed by hand methods (using jack hammers) contractors and owner will realize the savings of time on the project schedule.

We have been self-performing Hydrodemolition and Hydroscarification services since 2012 utilizing our fleet of Conject Robots and Hammelmann High Pressure Pumps to demo and scarify concrete on bridges, parking garages, dams and other structural concrete structures. As a nationally recognized concrete contractor Concrete Strategies has completed Hydrodemolition and Hydroscarification projects in 9 different states with the resources and capabilities of mobilizing to just about anywhere in the US to complete you next Hydrodemolition project. The process of Hydrodemolition and Hydroscarification requires a balance of utilizing more than 45 gallons of water per minute while also containing, and collecting the water which we manage by the use of our Hydrovac trucks and custom built mobile waste water treatment plants which allow of us to recycle and reuse over 70% of the water after its initial use.