Grand Lake Dam Bridge Rehab

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Concrete Strategies was selected for the concrete rehabilitation of 3 Dam and Spillway Bridges at the Grand Lake Dam.

Concrete Strategies scope of work included milling of the existing bridge decks to a maximum depth of 2”, then removal of another ½” of sound and delaminated concrete completing the process known as total surface Hydroscarification. Total surface Hydroscarification was performed by Concrete Strategies using our high pressure pumps and robots. Once any additional deck repairs were completed the surface was cleaned of all debris and ready for placement of the Latex Modified Concrete overlay. A total of 870 CYD of LMC was batch by Concrete Strategies using our volumetric mobile mixers and was placed over a total surface area of all three bridges of 129,594 square feet. Each bridge also required rehabilitation of bridge joints, totaling 3,100 LF.  Each joint was formed and placed with polymer concrete headers and received the installation of silicone joint sealant.  Roadway improvements were also completed including new barrier wall sections at the bridge approaches, new curb and gutter and sidewalk improvements.


ODOT (Oklahoma Department of Transportation) and GDRA (Grand River Dam Authority)


Disney, Oklahoma


129,594 SF