Hwy 430 Bridge Rehabilitation

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Total length of bridge rehabilitation and roadway improvements project is 1.8 miles.

Bridge rehabilitation, ITS, roadway and shoulder improvements on Hwy 430 over the Arkansas River in Little Rock, AR.  Total length of project limits is 1.8 miles.  Scope of work includes milling 1” of the existing bridge deck; an estimated 50,000 SF of bridge deck repairs; 500,000 SF of ½” of total surface Hydroscarification, place and finish 500,000 SF of 1-1/2” Latex Modified Concrete overlay using Volumetric Mobile Mixers.  Project also consists of improvements to the Digital Messaging System, roadway lighting and ITS System on the bridge.  Roadway and shoulder improvements includes earthwork and drainage improvements, removal and replacement of guardrail, reconstruction of asphalt shoulders on the north end of the bridge, diamond grinding 395,000 SF of existing concrete roadway surface and overlaying with an Ultrathin Bonded Asphaltic Wearing Surface.


Missouri Department of Transportation


Little Rock, Arkansas


1.8 miles