Mark Anthony Brewing

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This new 1.2 million-square-foot brewery and production facility coming to Columbia, South Carolina will be one of the largest breweries built in the United States in over 25 years.

Concrete Strategies was selected as the concrete contractor for the 1.2 million-square-foot brewing and packaging facility for Mark Anthony Brewing. The project represents a $400 million investment in Richland County and is expected to create 300 new jobs.

The construction will be fast-tracked and consist of tilt up concrete and steel frame, with operations scheduled to begin by summer 2021. For maximum efficiency, the integrated design-build team consists of Clayco and our subsidiary Clayco Design & Engineering, for turnkey design, engineering, and procurement services. The brewery is expected to produce 80 million cases per year to keep up with consumer demand for ready-to-drink beverages. This massive output is facilitated by over 14 miles of process piping, 3 miles of underground plumbing, 17 miles of utilities piping and nearly 100 fermentation, storage and ingredient tanks. The packaging area includes three types of packaging lines for various product mixes and packaging options.

The high-tech finished goods storage area includes the use of an automatic guided vehicle (AGV) system to retrieve, place, load, and unload finished product.


Mark Anthony Brewing


Columbia, South Carolina


1,200,000 SF


  • Architect: Lamar Johnson Collaborative