American TV

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Concrete Strategies performed the tilt-up for three 126,000-square-foot retail facilities built simultaneously.

Founded in 1954, American is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, and operates retail stores in Missouri, Illinois, Michigan and Iowa. Clayco completed construction on four American stores in the St. Louis area. Each department, around 126,000-square-feet, $7.5 million each including Furniture, Electronics, and Appliances.

Besides constructing the building from a greenfield site, we handled installing all of the casework, furniture display pods, and signage. We worked closely with the clients to turn over the building in sections to allow early entry for set-up and stocking.

American was constructed of site-cast concrete wall panels with a structural steel system. The interior includes a retail display floor for TVs, stereos, computers, kitchen appliances, washers and dryers, and bedroom, dining and living room furniture – all displayed in real world settings. In addition, there is a warehouse, service center, delivery prep area and car stereo installation department.




St. Louis, Missouri


126,000 SF